May 7, 2007

14th St. Steals Universal Gear From 17th St.

Men's clothing store universal gear is moving to larger digs on 14th St, says the WashTimes. The new, 5,000-square-foot store, at 1529 14th St. NW in the Matrix Condominiums (below) building, is nearly twice as large as the existing shop.

Owner David Franco said he is excited to move to 14th St., which he calls the "future of retail" in DC. "We feel very strongly about 14th Street as an up-and-coming vibrant retail area," Mr. Franco said. "We've watched it grow for many years -- the past decade."


Anonymous said...

Even more evidence that the gayborhood is moving east..

Anonymous said...

Its ok. Next they need to really work on getting clothes everyone can afford. The $250 t-shirts and plain boring underwear sucks. Wait... They will have to make the high ass rent, so I guess nevermind.

The store has gone downhill anyway.

dcbubble.blogspot said...

I read they were adding suits.