April 26, 2007


To improve what could be the least pedestrian friendly spots in DC, the NOMA business improvement district is seeking $12 dollars to improve First St. NE and the intersection of New York and Florida Aves., according to Globest.com.

“Right now it doesn't look or feel like the center of a new neighborhood,” Elizabeth Price told GlobeSt.com. “The streets need to be resurfaced, sideways rebuilt, there needs to be a public space built for art exhibits and such.”

In short, there was too much emphasis on moving cars and not enough attention paid to the poor pedestrian.

In addition to the BATF building nearing completion, other projects nearing completion include: Landmark Lofts and the related Senate Square, which is what Ben Franklin's crib would look like (see below) if he were alive today.

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PennStateVR6 said...

One can only hope that once the ATF building is finished they don't force us to walk all the way around the block to get to the metro station for "security reasons." I would love to see the fast food restaurants (McDo, Wendy's, Bk) go and be replaced by nicer sit-down places.