April 27, 2007


The WaTimes reports that there will be several boxing matches from the DC Armory aired tonight on ESPN. The bouts will be the first of a horde of similar events from professional lacrosse to volleyball to both college and professional basketball.

"The Armory is revenue-producing, but we feel like we can push that," said Allen Y. Lew, chief executive officer of the D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission. "But we have to invest the money in it."

Kudos to the latest members of the sports commission for finally doing something. But wouldn't his land be better put to use as . . . heaven forbid . . . a luxe condo-loft. Or workforce housing. Maybe even the site for the DC Wal-Mart. Oh let's not go there, but you get the point.

Moreover, how does the city really benefit from hosting more events at the Armory. There is very little collateral benefit from a boxing match because there are very few places nearby for fans to spend money. So the promoters spend a few bucks here or there. But its the impact of the fans that makes the difference.

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