July 12, 2006


DC Bubble still can't beleive the Lerners fought the partial below ground parking at the new stadium, which was endorsed yesterday according to the WaPo. We hope this does not get DC's relationship with the Lerners off on the bad foot. Perhaps the below grade parking will hinder construction creating short-term problems, but over the long-term its a win for D.C., for the stadium, for the Nats and the Lerners.

Herb Miller has proposed building 925 parking spots in two parking structures that go one level underground and four stories aboveground. The garages would be surrounded by retail shops on the first floor and condominiums that would make the total height of the structure 13 stories. A hotel, possibly in the Aloft chain, franchised by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., would be added near N and First streets.

Miller should be praised, not cursed.

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