May 16, 2006


Like the mythical, odd house on the corner that no one ever seemed to come or go from, here are two listing that qualify as out of the ordinary.

In Dupont Circle here is a plain-jane one bedroom that "YOU MUST SEE TO BELIEVE! COMPLETELY AND NEWLY RENOVATED," says the listing. Located at 1718 P St., the condo has granite counters. New appliances, check. New floors, check. Pool, great. Parking, nope. Price? $599K. Almost 600K?!? Yup. The seller is either dreaming, crazy or both. Or the agent entering the data has shakey fingers.

Here is something else you don't see everyday: "Began life as a garage, and now is a modest but efficient apartment." This unique space is located in Logan Circle at 1413-1415 Swann St. NW. The lot size is over 1,600 SF at a price of $649K.

Priced high for the project that it is, but out of the ordinary too.

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