May 9, 2006

Ol' Easy Going Historic Preservation Board Gets Feisty

Another DC condo project has been stopped dead in its tracks at the last hour by the DC Historic Preservation Review Board, reports the Northwest Current. Castle Deveopment, which was planning to raze a Logan Circle building, to hoped to begin construction soon on condos. The Braxton Hotel, circa 1912, was set to become a 49-unit building.

Hold everything. A last-minute landmark application for the structure was approved late in April, though a demolition permit had been pending for 22 months. Quick action on one application, not so quick on the other. The unhappy developer claims the last minute change could cost him $2.5 million. Instead of building a 90 foot tower, the developer will have to save the structure and set back a smaller building on top.

Ok so what? Developer Joe Kisha loses a few of his top-shelf condos at the expense of the saving an historic structure. But, as our mom used to say, its not what the preservation board said, but how it said it. And when it said it.

Why the 11th hour dramatics? Reminds of what happened with Il Pallazo.

NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO LIVE WHERE THEY WANT TO, observes the WaPo. A beautiful little girl can't afford to live in Columbia Heights. Alas, we can't afford Kalorama. Life is so unfair.

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