May 24, 2006


Provided by the DC Preservation League:

  • St. Elizabeths Hospital - West Campus. "The current redevelopment proposal of 4.5 million high-security SF of office space with is not compatible with the historic site. ... Redevelopment of St. Elizabeths Hospital should bring meaningful benefits to the surrounding communities. The current proposal turns its back on adjacent neighborhoods, presenting forbidding security, and bringing significantly increased traffic," says the DCPL. East of the River development is badly needed, but lets be sure the develoopment has favorable impact on the community.
  • The Armed Forces Retirement Home. DCPL says: "AFRH has enlisted the GSA to prepare a draft master plan for the site, which would incorporate intense mixed use development throughout with buildings as tall as 130 ft. This development would raise much needed funds to support the care of veterans at the Home." DC Bubble sees no problem here.
  • The McMillan Reservoir.
  • Walter Reed.
  • The Martin Luther King Library. The mid-century building "should be maintained and rehabilitated with a compatible use," says DCPL. Who's gonna write the check for this one?
  • Elementary Schools -- Slater Elementary School, Langston Elementary School and Armstrong High School "In the longer term, the city needs to find appropriate uses for
    these school buildings." Condos, condos, condos.
  • The D.C. World War I Memorial. Its a shame that this forlorn and forgotten monument sits alone on the Mall. How about moving it to a more accessible spot?

    pix by RobOldfield

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