May 22, 2006


Highlights from a recent, ok kinda old, New York Observer pieces about DC. Full text here.

"D.C. Hotter Than Brooklyn: What’s In? Plame, Foosball, Bistrot Du Coin, Celibacy!"

"In Washington ... it’s not money that matters. “It’s power,” said [one woman], to nods all around. “It’s where you work. It’s who you know. It’s what committees you’re on.”

Pulitzer for the WaPo’s Robin Givhan. "Mustn’t that mean it’s time for New Yorkers to finally learn some fashion lessons from the District of Columbia, our much-maligned and terminally lame capital city?"

"'We have swimming lessons for our son at 12:30, and genocide at 2.' One hot thing about Washington is that you can be both selfless and fashionable."

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