May 3, 2006


Metro officials are considering allowing retail establishments — similar to the kiosks at shopping malls — inside 12 subway stations to sell merchandise to riders, said the WashExam. Though given the quality of the merchants that set up at these kiosks, DC Bubble wonders whether the change in policy is worth the trouble.

The proposal makes it clear that the sale of food and beverages would not be permitted, but asks potential retailers to indicate how sales revenue would change if food were allowed. If food would generate significantly higher revenue, transit officials said, they might rethink their stance. Hmmm ... how bout a espresso bar with ceramic cups and saucers to avoid creating trash? For that matter, how bout a martini bar with drinks served in glassware. In NYC where civilization was invented, the commuter railroads serve drinks on the platform.

One reason for easing restrictions is the amount of money these retailers could bring in for the cash-strapped agency. The ATMs already permitted bring in cash. Metro officials project that the 36 ATMs installed last year would bring in more than $1 million for fiscal 2006, officials said.

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