April 26, 2006


NOW TRY THE BEST," read the pizza boxes in NYC, but not here in DC. One of the most shocking things about DC for someone who moves here from NY is the lack of good pizza. Ok thinkgs have gotten better in recent years with the arrival of brick-oven style gourmet pizza restaurants, like 2 Amy's, Pizzeria Paradiso etc.

But what about an out-of-the-box pizza pie? Vace in Cleveland Park has good pie, Pizza Mart in Adams Morgan has a good slice (good for night owls) and so does the Georgetown Bagel Bakery (out of the way.).

Add Radius Pizza at 3155 Mt. Pleasant St. Its chewy crust will bring tears to the eyes New Yorkers everywhere. There is the right amount of sauce. Often the top-quality cheese on top has bubbled in the top-notch pizza oven. Best of all Radius's delivers to many neighborhoods. And for free. You dont get that in the Big Apple.

Our preference is to order a "cheese pizza." We recommend resisting the temptation for hams, mushrooms, peppers etc. In our mind, this is zen pizza. Its best in its purest form.

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