April 1, 2006


Listed on Craigslist is a 4 bed, 3.5 bath house in a neighborhood called "Capitol Hill North." Well at least the sales agent didn't try to claim the location at 1003 8th St NE to be Capitol Hill proper. Given the property's proximity to Florida Ave, it seems more like Trinidad, not the Hill or the Hill North.

Regardless of what the agents call it, the neighborhood seems ripe for revival. With a streetcar planned for H Street NE, the streets just to the north seem most poised, though they still carry some degree of risk. With the streetcar coming, this could be the next hot 'hood; the Eckington of the next decade. As for the areas south of H Street you really are on the Senate-side of the Hill, even if it stretching it a bit above E Street NE. Given the proximity to the Capitol, the H Street revival and the blah blah, south of H is a sure thing.

As for the house, pricing it at $579,000 seems ambitious. The developer seems to have done a nice job though. "This home has been remodeled to keep much of the original charm, but adding modern convenience and comfort to the mix," says thte ad. It has the original parquet floors, with the mahogany inlay, pocket doors, a period display china cabinet with leaded glass slide front. Master bath has a whirlpool, a stainless/granite kitchen (yawn!) and updated wiring for cable and electric. Potential rental in the basement.

One final note: the agent's photo is below. Is there any comment that could be made that adds more humor to this image? No.
AMUSING POST ON CONDO MARKETING at the loquacious Rebuilding Place In Urban Space blog.

ALL SIGNS POINT TO a slowing market, not a crashing one. Here is the latest take from the WaPo.

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