April 14, 2006


We knew there was a reason why our ears were burning. The New York Times wrote a travel story about U Street titled: "U Street: The Corridor Is Cool Again." It's always interesting to see how our neighborhoods are perceived by outsiders and the savier people in New York.

The NYT said:

"The transformation [of U Street] began in the late 90's, after three decades of decline and neglect, continues to gather speed, with boarded-up buildings reopened and transformed into galleries, shops, cafes and clubs, and nightlife seekers migrating over from Georgetown and Adams Morgan for a slightly older, less raucous scene where the patrons have a bit more money to spend."

It also said:
"U Street hasn't yielded completely to the new and affluent. Visitors will be accosted for change on busy weekend nights, and they will walk past liquor stores with bulletproof cashier's windows and boarded-up, spray-painted storefronts. But with the old U Street steadily fading, the party scene is what takes the eye."

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