April 28, 2006


The DC Zoning Commission split 2-2 earlier this month on a petition to down-zone the MedLink hospital property in Northeast Capitol Hill, leaving development plans for the site on hold until mid-May, reported the Voice of the Hill.

Zoning commissioners in favor of down-zoning the lot from its current R-5-D classification — which allows medium/high-density residential buildings up to 90 feet tall — argued that a new classification would respect both the neighbor's and the developer's interests. Commissioners opposed to re-zoning the property argued that it would be unfair to the property owner. The property was zoned R-5-D in 1973 to allow taller, denser buildings for the Capitol Hill Hospital.

Whatever, the zoning has been on the books for more almost 35 years. Anyone who lives in the area effectivly has been put on notice that a big building could be on the way. Now that the market can bear such a structure people have begun to complain.

Hello we live in the middle of an urban center. If one does not want to live in a dense city they should not live here. But to try to stop the density is ridiculous NIMBYism.

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