April 20, 2006


Another example of a win-win created by the dreaded gentrification. The Central Union Mission at 14th and R Sts. NW sold to developers and condos are coming and the Mission gets a new facility, says the WaPo. Sounds similar to what just happened with the Whitman-Walker Clinic also in Logan Circle.

Alturas LLC agreed to purchase for $7 million the Mission properties, which amounts to 39,000 square feet of space. The firm plans to create shops or restaurant space on the first and second floors and condos on the top floors.

Up in Petworth, the Mission will get a custom-design a facility that meets all of its needs as a shelter, drug rehabilitation center, food pantry and chapel. Not everyone is pleased with the new locale at 3600 Ga. Ave. "We just got a new restaurant and a yoga studio. This would be a major setback," said Alicia Rucker in the WaPo. More spirited rants can be heard here at Petworth News.

Well plenty of upmarket retail and restaurant business happened along 14th st. with the mission there, so its not the end of the world. Or is it?

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