April 3, 2006

Aids Clinic To Score Big on Real Estate Boom

The Whitman-Walker Clinic is planning to sell three properties in Logan Circle and Anacostia in a bid to update and expand its services, the clinic announced. "“We believe, based on the consultants (Jair Lynch) that weÂ’re working with, that we should be able to generate enough capital to do what we want to," Steve Owen, the clinic's finance director, told the Blade.

The three sites that are for sale are:
Administrative Offices: 1407 S St., NW and 1802-1816 14th St. NW
Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center: 1701-1711 14th St. NW
Max Robinson Center: 2301-2303 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

This is an example of how gentrificationcation and a housing boom can help many different groups. True one of the unfortunate aspects of gentrification is that the poor and disenfranchised get displaced. But more than rarely a not-for-profit group finds itself on the winning side on the equation too. Whitman-Walker, which provides care for AIDs patients, suddenly finds sitting on a bundle and now can cash-out to further its mission of serving people with this dreaded disease.

Maybe its not so bad that a bunch of tax attorney suddenly want to live on 14th St?

EFFORT TO REMAKE TYSONS CORNER AT RISK. Fairfax officials are concerned that if the Dulles airport authority gets control over the project, they will focus on building a line to the airport and not so much on remaking Tysons Corner into vibrant downtown, said the WaPo. However the rail line is built, remaking car-based Tysons into a vibrant community will be a long shot, even if part of the line is underground.

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