March 4, 2006

Gary Heurich has a beer company. The so-called "The Brewmaster's Castle" is underused. Why not connect the two? Heurich's beer with his grandfather's old home in Dupont Circle.

Alas Heurich wants to "save" the mansion from becoming a brewpub, but in the process his beer company has gone belly up. It's a shame. The beer was tasty. And his effort to revive the brand was exciting. Maybe he could not raise the capital.

As Marc Fisher points out, Heurich is bitter and mad at us. Heurich writes: "The Washington area is unique among major urban centers in its relative lack of a hometown spirit ... and as a native Washingtonian, this is something that is deeply and personally disappointing."

So what's Heurich gonna do? He is moving to upstate New York where he will concentrate on other business interests. Welcome to 21st Century America Mr. Heurich.

MARKETING. MARKETING. MARKETING. The Washington Post reports the condo naming process is all about branding. Thanks for the insight. Wanna sell a one bedroom to a 20-something or 30 something call it the Matrix or Icon. Cool sounding names. Lots of sizzle. Not much steak leads to empty-pocketed developers in a slow market if you ask us.

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Anonymous said...

That was a stupid article. I thought the mention of the Radius was amusing. Buy here because its named after part of a Circle (look we are almost at Logan Circle.) No mentioned that it was built as rental apartments, the floor plans waste space, and they cheaped out on the overall fit and finish...