March 24, 2006


The idea of remaking Tysons Corner into a vibrant, dynamic "downtown" by extending Metrorail just became even less achievable. The scheme is predicated on making Tysons more appealing -- fewer cars and parking lots, more pedestrians, better aethetics -- but now the project managers say in the WaPo that the budget requires the track to be elevated and planned pedestrian bridges be eliminated.

This project is a colossal waste of money and energy. Wanna reduce traffic in NOVA? Do the following:
1. Provide attractive and frequent bus service to Tysons (and only when the buses become overcrowded build Metrorail),
2. Build a second tunnel under the Potomac for the Orange line to increase its capacity.

Car-centric Tyson won't become Metro-centric Tyson by building a half-baked Metro-rail line. What do you think?

ART-DECO GEM ON NEW YORK AVE. This art-deco gem would be great for offices or condos. Why waste it on a warehouse?

Macy's wants to sell it and move its storage facility out of the city, says the WaPo. That's good news though converting the structure to a new use could be expensive.

NEW BLOOMINGDALE/ECKINGTON BLOG. Go here to read about the neighborhood happenings.

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