March 6, 2006


Major League Baseball signed the lease for the Waterfront baseball stadium. To prove to the world that MLB is a bunch of mean bastards, it kicked in $20 million to the $611 million DC committed. Being called a mean bastard is better than being called a mean, cold-hearted bastard which is what MLB would have been if it had thrown in even less than the paltry amount it did.

Great sighs of relief were heard throughout the day from developers who purchased land near the waterfront in anticipation that this deal would go forward. Many say that the area would have developed without the stadium; this may be true. But without the stadium the development would have been slower and less entertainment focused. Think: the Westend on a Sunday night. Lonely. Dreary. Mostly empty.

Wow. DC is becoming a fun place to live at least as fun as Brooklyn. Maybe half as fun as SoHo or a quarter as fun as Times Square. But alas, DC Bubble refrains from making NYC comparisons.

Keep your fingers crossed that this is the final chapter. Given the number of times we've already said its done, we won't believe this one til the shovels hit the ground.

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