March 1, 2006


Hailing from the San Francisco Bay-area, Cowgirl Creamery is set to open next to Central Liquor Downtown. With Balducci's opening around the block, this corner could turn into a gourmet corner of sorts.

At 919 F St., Cowgirl Creamery began in Point Reyes Station, California, by two chefs. They make thier own award-winning cheeses and offer artisnal cheeses from the bay area.

The store (on the left) is set to open in April.


Mose said...

Speaking as one who recently moved here from San Francisco and who enjoys artisan cheeses, I would encourage people to check out Cowgirl Creamery. They produce a wide variety of very tasty cheese.

t.s. said...

What Mose said. Cowgirl Creamery makes some fantastic cheese.