March 20, 2006


Not to be confused with its more famous, prominent and better counterpart in Baltimore, the National Aquarium in Washington DC might be on the move. Currently housed on a lonely stretch of 14th St. by the Mall, the plan would be to relocate the aquarium to Constitution Ave., giving the fish a more prominent address to call home.

The National Aquarium in Washington, D.C. is the oldest aquarium in the United States and was founded in 1873 in Woods Hole, Mass. By 1932 it was moved to its current location in the basement of the Department of Commerce building. The aquarium has 1000 specimens from over 200 different species.

Some of the more popular exhibits include many pirahna, several sea turtles, numerous sharks, and three alligators (Gitcha, Getcha, and Gotcha).

Of course it's no baseball stadium, but a new locale for the fish would be great. Does anyone go to this place?

pix by picosonic

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