March 22, 2006

Foggy Bottom Battle Royale

Nearby Metro station. 2.5 acres of empty space. $250 million on the table. Shopping. Housing. Office space. Cha-Ching for tax coffers and GWU swiss bank accounts.

But wait. The Foggy Bottom Assn. says the site fronted by fronted by Pennsylvania Ave. and 23rd St. NW should not be over-developed by George Washington University. Controlling what GW can and cannot build is the zoning of the site and GWU's campus plan, which limits how much and what can be built on the 38-acre campus.

While some members of the Foggy Bottom community don't object to GWU's plan, Ron Cocome of the Foggy Bottom Assn. described the proposal as "mind-boggling" in the WaBizJour.

The Foggy Bottom Assn, who's website is, says GWU already violates its campus plan because the school undercounts the number of students etc. GWU asks: why build small next to the Metro?

GWU only made it to the second round of the NCAA tourney, but this fight will go to the Final Four.

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