March 15, 2006


Not the details, but finishes, says WaPo's Tom Boswell about the new stadium. "From 10 to 20 million dollars could make a world of difference in the architectural impact of that park -- that is, if the dollars were targeted for the exterior," said Marshall E. Purnell of HOK Architects who designed the stadium.

Offering a different perspective, WaPo architecture critic Benjamin Forgey wrote: "For whatever reason, this design has its exhilarating moments, but, in the main, is disappointing. It is not the sort of holistic, surprising, groundbreaking design that many had hoped to see. Not even close. From some points of view, you might even think of it as an office building with a slightly offbeat shape."

Boswell hopes the new owner will pitch in a few bucks to make up any difference between cheap and flashy. Before we start holding hands and praying, though, we hope Bud Selig and the rest of Major League Baseball picks an owner already so we can get the equvalent of granite countertops for the team. Oh by the way, the same hope applies to starting pitchers too.

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