February 22, 2006


The DC Zoning commission is looking at adopting an inclusionary zoning requirement for new condo construction. Last week, the panel gave prelimary approval to the requirement that would force developers to set aside a certain number of units for those earning a percentage of the average area income. The version of the rule (04-33), which the panel recommended for adoption following a 45 day comment period, is not yet available. Next the panel must decide which parts of the city will be subject to the rule.

As DC Bubble said last month, inclusionary zoing can be great if done right. Economic diveristy is one of the things that make a city great. But if the burden is too onerous on developers, new construction will cease. Also, the zoning commission must recognize that the condo market has changed and is not experiencing go-go price increases that can cover up an over ambitious requirement. We anxiously await the final version of this rule.

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