February 17, 2006


Your old one at least. Like many other zoos across the country, the National Zoo has partnered with ECO-Cell to collect and recycle Zoo visitors' cell phones, batteries, and accessories.

Working cell phones will be refurbished and donated to low-income people abroad and selected local organizations, such as battered women's programs for emergency use. Bring your phones to the visitors' center by the Connecticut Ave. entrance between Woodley Park and Cleveland Park.

ECO-Cell will pay FONZ up to $15 for every working cell phone. All other phones and accessories will be recycled under EPA guidelines, keeping hazardous materials from reaching landfills and harming human and environmental health.

Don't forget we live in a backwards country. Disposing of poison should not be viewed as some crunchy eco-thing you do when its convienent. Proper disposal of the poisons, such as those in cell phones, ought to be mandatory and convenent. In the meantime, bring used phones over to the zoo and look for the panda toddler.

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