January 6, 2006

New On The Block

BOOKS WITH HEART: The non-profit "Books for America" opened a used bookstore at 1417 22nd St. NW near P Street. Buy an old copy of the Cheever short stories and while making the purchase you also have made a contribution to the group's literacy campaign. Or even better, donate your old Chever short stories (CD or DVD) and buy a copy of the Hemingway stories. Give them books, then buy books. Why hasn't Barnes and Noble thought of this business model?

Ahhh but this is profit making for the common good. In BFA's own words, "Simply put, we try to raise enough money by selling books to support a large percentage of our [literacy] operations rather than completely depend on grants and other financial contributions and sponsorships."

What's more the newly opened store -- formally called the Center for Reading & Literacy -- is the headquarters of the nonprofit itself. "It is an outreach tool to introduce us to thousands of additional people in the local community; it is a place where literacy organizations can bring small groups of kids or adults in for reading programs; and it is also one of Washington, DC's, best used book stores with thousands of wonderful books to choose from."

DC Bubble wonders what the folks at Second Story Books, the used bookshop, around the corner thinks of the whole scheme.

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Hi - that's great - many many thanks for helping us spread the word!