January 13, 2006

Morning Flash

RALLY IN THE ALLEY. The fact that there even is pro-Marion Barry rhetoric is even more unbelievable than what these supporters of the Mayor-For-Life are saying. Or maybe DC Bubble got that backwards.

A flyer announcing the Jan. 18 pro-Barry rally at 500 Indiana Ave. NW actually says: "The Fat Cats are out to get Marion Barry once more." Given this man's record of life as a public servant, nothing can be added to the previous statement to make it any more comical or sad. Just read it again and try not to weep tears of laughter.

The flyer posted throughout the city says: "When they are done with him they are coming after you and me." They?!? White-y? Gentrifiers? Meter maids? Downtown developers? Congress? Texas cowboys? All of the above?

More than a case of hard-headedness, the flyer illustrates half-hearted demagoguery and poor grammar. Read on: "Coming after your health care, your housing, your children (sic) public education, and for what? A baseball stadium!" Oh please don't tell us that its the stadium opponents who are behind this rally of the dim and illiterate. Thank god, according to Marc Fisher, the Barry-can-do-not-wrong faction is on the wane.

One Liners

LIGHT RAIL for Columbia Pike under discussion.

LEASE RENEWED. The Urban Institute renewed its lease of 128,342 SF at 2100 M St. NW.

TALK. TALK. TALK. The DC council meet yesterday afternoon on the stadium to discuss hiring an outside consultant and possibly allowing Major League Baseball to build the stadium itself.

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The Libertarian Republican said...

Thank you for scanning and posting this pro-Barry flyer! There needs to be a counter-protest.