January 4, 2006

Morning Feed

HERE COME THE ARBITORS: Major League Baseball will seek binding arbitration to settle the stadium lease dispute. Stadium opponents believe DC should not honor its word when DC signed an agreement to build the stadium in Southeast.

In fact the Washington Post reports that some DC leaders "expressed dismay" at baseball's decision, saying it could incite stadium opponents. DC Bubble supposes that these same leaders did not read yesterday's piece by Major League Baseball Prez Bob DuPay who essentially said "no wonder DC has such a bad biz reputation." Trying to score some political points is more important than enfocing the rule of law or keeping your word. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Reading between the lines, MLB would not request binding arbitration unless it believed this is in the bag. The only folks who have not figured out that MLB is in the right, apparently, is the DC Council stadium opponents.


dl004d said...

Going further up Wisconsin Ave. is a great idea. Same with running later into the evening.

The 7th St. route is useless, since taking Metro is much faster.

(Also, not going around Mt. Vernon Square would save about 10 minutes per ride. But I realize that's never going to happen since the whole point is to have the Convention Center drop-off.)

mjrmajor said...

I hope MLB gets the shaft. There's no reason taxpayers should spend a dime on a building for a private business. I'm going to say a dirty word, MLB brass... brace yourselves... SBC PARK! A privately financed stadium that's raking in the dough. If MLB thinks that what they have to offer is so great, let them put up the dough. I don't see DC charging taxpayers to build car dealerships, movie theaters, or banks. Why is a baseball stadium an exception?

Colin said...

Amen. That opinion piece reinforced just what a bunch of arrogant SOBs the baseball people are. If they don't like dealing with the DC government then they can just build the damn thing themselves.