January 5, 2006

Morning Feed

GIVE US SOME COURAGE: Now that DC and Howard University have reached a deal on new $400M hospital in Southeast, perhaps council members will discover they have the politcal cover to approve the baseball lease. You can practically hear them at the Wilson Building sheepishly saying: "Seeeee we spend money on poor folks too. "

The Washington Post points out a couple of unanswered questions about the hospital deal:

1. What does the new hospital mean for the Howard University Hospital on Georgia Avenue? Condos? Office space? Does DC get a piece of this action? Doubt it.

2. How much care the complex would provide to residents without health insurance? An insufficient committment to the poor suggests the deal really is a way to bailout HU, which lost $17M last year on its hospital. Wait a minute, which poor folks is the new hospital supposed to help?

One Liners
Hotels are a strong player on the DC real estate market that is growing even stronger, says the Washington Times. Among other factors, the relatively new convention center is driving the hotel business.

A former member of a tenants board has filed a racketeering suit against the people he claims cheated him out of a chance to buy his apartment. The Washington Examiner says the tenant's lawyer says this is ploy to reopen negotiations over the building. RICO in a real estate deal? Ya that's gonna work.

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