December 17, 2005

Morning Feed

With Evans Out of Mayor Race, DC Bubble Endorses Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., in the mayor's race for 2006 or even 2010. Ok. He probably does not want the job and probably never has strayed too far from Capitol Hill.

But Davis claimed on WTOP that he is making headway in the homerule fight. Rep. Davis Cites Fresh Interest in D.C. Voting Rights, Including From Bush, the WP report. His somewhat controverial plan for expanding the House to accommodate the District's representative has 18 co-sponsors, similarly reported the WE...WP also reports that Improved Web Tools Make Virtual Renting Seem Less Remote but fails to mention sources for D.C. rentals like, or craigslist. Duh...Opening soon on F Street opposite, the H&M store, is streetsmart American Apperal.


Anonymous said...

Davis as Mayor are you crazy

Anonymous said...

Call me a Tory, but I've long thought DC's "Taxation Without Representation" war was being fought from the wrong side of the equation.

I've only lived here since '98, but that's long enough to be fed up to here (raising a level hand to match my height) with the graft, corruption, and political insidership associated with all things DC. And yeah, I know it's better than in the Barry years but it's still dismal. The truth is that I don't TRUST my fellow federal colonials to elect decent representatives and DC having a vote at the national level would only further polute national politics.

Anyway here's my idea: don't give us a vote, just in exchange eliminate our federal tax burden. Think I'm crazy? The citizens of Puerto Rico don't have a vote in Congress - but they don't have to pay federal taxes, either. Think about it: eliminating the federal tax burden on every citizen of DC will do more to attract fiscally responsible residents than all the politicking from now 'til doomsday.

It doesn't even have to be permanent - make it a 5-10 year amnesty that starts getting rolled back at a certain income level. Attract residents who care how their taxes are spent (local taxes would still apply) and watch this city finally clean up it's political act.

Obviously this idea is way too practical to ever be taken seriously...

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