December 10, 2005

Idea: Turn the Park into A Park

I have always marveled at the amount of unused public space in DC compared to other cities, i.e. New York. Some call these spaces "parks," but they really are not because to my mind a park is place to hang out, play or run around if you are a kid or dog. But only a few run around say the area along M street by the Georgetown bridge or East Potomac Park, south of the Jefferson Memorial.

Well a recent forum sponsored by the Corcoran Gallery examined what to do with East Potomac Park. According to the Washington Post, architects and designers "were giddy with the possibilities." They talked about giant sculptural bridges, soaring waterfront museums, inland canals, water taxis and monuments that would forever change the nation's capital. Architect Arthur Cottom Moore discussed moving the Supreme Court buiding to the site.

I always have been amazed by the size of the space and the fact that the park is so underutilized. Riding the Yellow Line, I often thought there should be a Metro stop there, but then realized there would be no where for riders to go. Why not put some commerical, government or cultural activitiy to the space? For that matter, why not turn the park into a park by building atheletic facilities (aside from golf), an area for concerts or even landscaped gardens. Hopefully, the forum will get things moving.


Duh.... said...

QUOTE: "For that matter, why not turn the park into a park by building atheletic facilities (aside from golf)"

Why don't you actually get off the metro and VISIT the park.

There is, in addition to golf, a swimming pool, indoor-outdoor tennis courts, fields used for soccer, a recreation area/jungle gym for kids, sculpture at the south-east end, and a smooth circuit of road around the course used by hundreds of cyclists and runners, and is part of the Marine Corps Marathon.

If you stepped above ground, you'd also see that East Pot. Park is a favorite weekend hangout for many DC african americans and their kids, the site of numerous weekday bbq's, corporate events, and is a lunctime hang out for many downtown DC workers.

It's also important for security, as the whole potomac side faces National Airport, and is frequently patrolled by park police.

Are you from Virginia or something?

Do some research or stay on the metro with your uninformed editorials.

fatsacca said...

It's a great place to get in a round of real cheap golf.

DC golfer said...

well said "duh"

I happen to be an avid golfer and DC resident which doesn't leave us with much in common, right?

When you have some time and actually go down there you'll find MANY people down there doing many differnt things BESIDES golf.

Heck, why dooesn't New York turn develop central park? Not that I'm comparing Central Park and East Potomac Park, but, East Potomac is used by many DC and non-DC residents alike.

dcbubble said...

The race of the few folks using the current park should not be relevant.
My point is that the land is underutilized. Millions use Central Park, thousands use East Potomac.